Programme: Balkan-Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation Program 2014-2020
Project: “SME Innovation Capacity Boost”
SMEINNOBOOST № BMP1/1.2/2481/2017

On November 1st, in Tirana, Albania, all project partners from the four neighbouring countries met for the third interim meeting. The meeting was organized by the Project partner 6 – The Foundation Regional Development Agency (R.D.A.) of Korca with main topic of discussion: Project progress review and review of the progress by working packages and separately of each partner.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Eleonora Negulova (Project Manager, Lead partner) welcoming the participants and wishing them successful implementation of the current and the upcoming activities, fruitful cooperation between all partners, highlighting the importance of   the decision making process in order to achieve the project goals as well as exchange of experience.

According to the Agenda, the meeting continued with the presentation of the current implementation status of the activities presented by each project partner separately. The partners reported on the achieved goals as well as on the problems they are facing during the implementation of the activities, risks and ideas for further development and organization of events.

During the meeting, there was a discussion on the SAT-Self Assessment Tool, its technical parameters, as well as the questionnaires for the statistical survey, the development of a methodology for scoring, benchmarking and the way in which most objective score can be achieved.

The meeting ended with the following conclusions:

  • The final results of the statistical survey can be expected by the end of June 2019;
  • The Self Assessment tool can be expected to be ready in January 2019, while benchmarking in February 2019;
  • Modification of the project budget as well as a prolongation of the implementation time of the project for 6 months to be submitted to JS;
  • Preparation of the Third Progress Report as well as modification of the previous two;
  • Preparation of a newsletter in the languages of the project partners, as well as publishing materials on the project website;
  • Preparing First Level Control Requests;
  • Planning and organization of the next events (Innovation Summits and Interim meeting).

After the meeting ended, the members of the Steering committee voted and took important decisions for the successful implementation of the project


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